September 19, 2014

How to Create Link SILOs

Link SILOS are arguably the most important on page SEO factors that your website can launch. Before we get into how to create, let’s understand what they are.

A link SILO is a way to distribute link juice evenly across your website. For example, see the graph below:


The best way to go about attacking a link SILO is by creating a great piece of content and using it as link bait. For example, I got my best links from Search Engine Journal by using this technique.

What I did was create a great piece of relevant SEO content. The piece of content was a combination of big data marketing and a case study on real estate SEO. Essentially what I did was create a piece of content that would be a great reference point for those who wrote about that subject a lot.

I knew that I could get links from fellow SEOs because the content was so relevant and related to what they were always writing about. I wrote a 5,000 word article about a real estate SEO case study I did. This case study had a ton of data related to real estate SEO and how to perform it correctly.

Then, I pushed that content across social media, RSS feeds and PDF sharing sites. After that I did some manual link outreach to a ton of SEO related websites. I told them exactly what the piece of content was about and then asked for links.

After emailing about 50 sites, I finally go through to the ones that I wanted. They created links to my content from theirs and that article suddenly became a DA of 90.

Now, traditionally, SEOs would try and rank websites by using exact match anchor text to their money page. This is no longer the case. Instead,you want to create great content that gets links from top notch websites and then use link SILOs from within your website to build that anchor text.

For example, I got links from Search Engine Journal and Buzzfeed that had no relevant anchor texts to the main keywords I was trying to rank for. However, from that web page that I got the authority links forms I linked to my internal money pages by using the anchor texts I wanted to rank for.

This is by far the safest and most effective way to build links these days. In fact, it’s really the only safe way to build links that really matter. You can build 100 SAPE links and not only get no results, but actually hurt your website in the process.

You need to build links from relevant websites that matter. They need to have high page and domain authority, high trust flow, and clean backlink profiles.

Without meeting these requirements, your link building efforts are a complete waste of your time and you might as well use PPC ads. SEO can only be done the right way these days – and this is coming from a black hat SEO!